Revitalising South West London Roof: NuColour's Expert Roof Transformation

Revitalising South West London Roof: NuColour's Expert Roof Transformation

About the project

Project Overview

NuColour, London's premier painting specialists, recently undertook an exceptional project in South West London. Tasked with reviving the roof of a stunning 5-bedroom detached house, our team demonstrated unmatched expertise and dedication to quality. This showcase highlights our approach and the exceptional results we delivered.

Client Challenge

Our client had previously hired a company to clean and subsequently paint and seal their roof. However, after the cleaning phase, the company was unresponsive, leaving the client in a difficult position. The main challenge was finding a skilled team willing and able to tackle the intricate job, especially given the complex access requirements of the roof.

NuColour’s Approach

  1. Initial Site Visit: Our first step was conducting a thorough site assessment. This allowed us to understand the unique challenges and plan accordingly.
  2. Detailed Quotation: Based on our findings, we provided the client with a comprehensive and transparent quote, ensuring they were informed and comfortable with the process.
  3. Scheduling the Work: We set a realistic and efficient timeline to complete the project, considering the client's convenience and ensuring minimal disruption.


Our approach to painting this roof was meticulous, focusing on both safety and quality:

  1. Utilising Advanced Equipment: We employed an air sprayer for an even and pristine finish. This technology ensures a uniform coat, essential for a durable and visually appealing result.
  2. Cherry Picker for Accessibility: To access challenging areas where scaffolding towers were not feasible, we used a cherry picker. This not only enhanced our efficiency but also ensured the safety of our team.
  3. Preparation and Application: Proper surface preparation was key. We cleaned and primed the roof surface to ensure the best adhesion and longevity of the paint. The painting process was conducted in layers, allowing adequate drying time and ensuring a flawless finish.
  4. Quality Assurance: Post-application, our team conducted a thorough inspection to guarantee the highest standards were met.


The project was a resounding success. The client's roof was transformed, now boasting a pristine, weather-resistant finish. The colour and quality of the work blended seamlessly with the architectural elegance of the house, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Client Feedback

Our client was thrilled with the outcome. Not only did we solve a challenging problem, but we also added value and beauty to their property. This project stands as a testament to NuColour's commitment to excellence, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

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